10 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time

Blowing up a mountain doesn't mean much if the other guy resets every time he dies.

Death Note

Anime is known for being over the top. This is not true, but only because Goku blew up said 'top' by sneezing on it, thus ensuring that there will never be a top to be over.

Seeing as how one of the roots of Japanese pop culture is the Kabuki theater, which is characterized by embodying events and emotions in as big a way as humanly possible, it only makes sense that anime continues that trend of big emotion, big stakes, and even bigger spectacle.

Anime is famous for its characters being able to be thrown through walls, punched hard enough to put a crater in the building behind them, and then be blasted into orbit...only to come back down, barely hurt to do the same to their opponent. But even with this insane medium, some are stronger than others.

If you were to compare all anime characters - not just protagonists - to each other as if they inhabited the same universe, who would stand above them all as the most powerful of the bunch? Since Jump Force turned out to be a screaming garbage fire, we can't actually perform this comparison in concrete practice, so this will have to do!

These anime characters go from skilled fighters to wielders of the power cosmic itself. And the majority of them are teenagers. So that's reassuring.

10. Vash The Stampede (Trigun)

Death Note

Essentially being the best Superman story to never star Superman, Trigun is a story of morality, the true worth of charity, the human spirit, and the responsibility held by those with great power to do the most good with that power.

It also has a scene where a guy's arm turns into a giant cannon with angel wings that blows a city-sized crater in the moon. And that guy is Vash The Stampede

Vash is the most wanted man on the desert planet of Gunsmoke, chased for the crime of wiping out an entire city in a single moment and causing untold destruction across the land. So it's jarring to say the least that when the audience catches up with him, he's a clutzy, panicky, kinda lecherous goofball.

Though the rumors about Vash have been greatly exaggerated, make no mistake, he IS capable of everything people pin on him. He just chooses not to because killing people is wrong.

Vash is not only a great gunslinger, but his heightened reflexes, more durable body, focused mind, and wide array of prosthetic gadgets, make him a force to be reckoned with. Sure he's still mortal - if you shoot him in the head, he WILL die - but then, landing that shot is the problem.

Although that mortal nature is what keeps him at the bottom of this list, along with the fact that he's far too scared and self loathing of his own power to ever really use it, Vash The Stampede is still the greatest gunman to ever walk the starmap.

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