10 Most Powerful Items In Game Of Thrones

10. Iron Throne


This may be a surprise to be included so early, but what does the Iron Throne REALLY bring you other than a dire death and a whole lot of hassle beforehand? Robert didn't have full control on his kingdom, nor did Joffrey, and Tommen had even less than them, losing power to the Faith Militant. That's something that would be unheard of during Tywin Lannister's time, as it was pointed out in the show. And that says everything you need to know. now his daughter Cersei is on the Throne, but with a shaky claim and rule that may not last too long.

Tywin was not the King, yet he was the most powerful man in Westeros. Who was second? Arguably Littlefinger, a man who crawled his way up from nowhere. Sitting on the throne is non-essential to gaining power, although intertwining yourself with the man/woman sitting on it may be.


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