10 Most Powerful Villains In Star Trek History

9. Khan

Borg Queen Star Trek Picard
Paramount Pictures

Benedict Cumberbatch's perhaps unideal performance in Star Trek: Into Darkness aside, Khan is a villain that's hard not to love. All eighties hair and unmitigated violence, Khan's combination of augmented human genetics and indomitable will would land him among some of the more dangerous villains in Star Trek's roster.

Another crucial trait of the villain would prove to be his ability to obsessively try and take down his enemies, as after his first encounter with the crew of the Enterprise - wherein he would almost steal the ship - Khan would seem set heart and soul on beating its inhabitants for good.

In the Wrath of Khan, the titular villain would have his way, too, having managed to force a situation that could result in the death of the beloved Spock - although naturally, this death wouldn't prove long lasting.


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