10 Most Rewatchable TV Shows Of 21st Century

Friends, Seinfeld, and That '70s Show need to make room for a new class of binge-worthy shows.


If the 1950s were "The Golden Age of Television" then we must be living in an unprecedented time for episodic TV. Every month, new seasons and series are released for our enjoyment. In the on-going battle between streaming services and cable television, the viewer is always the winner.

We live in an age where it is impossible to watch every single series produced, forcing us to choose which shows we start, keep up with, and ultimately see to its end. And with near-unlimited options to choose from, what do we do?

Rewatch the same episodes of shows we've seen countless times, of course.

We're all guilty of it. No one enjoys the endless scroll through Netflix or Hulu, previewing shows only to abandon them for an old favorite. Watching television is an investment of time and emotion, two intangibles that no one wants to waste. Instead of gambling on a new show or sticking with a long-running series out of frustrated obligation (see: The Walking Dead), it's much easier and enjoyable to dive back into a world of characters that we already know and love.

Rewatching a great show is comforting, effortlessly, and, surprisingly, even more entertaining with each subsequent viewing. These ten shows from 2001 until today are among the best to binge as many times as possible.


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