10 Most Romantic Star Trek Moments

Star Trek has told some incredibly heartwarming love stories over the years.

10 most romantic star trek moments for valentines day
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Star Trek has never been shy of romance. In The Original Series, Kirk had a new love-interest every episode, but, to be honest, most of these romances were really superficial and mostly motivated by Kirk's primal urge to boldly bone what no man has boned before.

Real, heartwarming romance has been a bit harder to come by, but there are plenty of examples of truly beautiful love stories throughout Trek. Star Trek has also begun portraying queer relationships much more explicitly, and by now is showcasing some of the best representations of queer romance in modern sci-fi.

It can get lonely out in the final frontier, so we'd like to look back at the most romantic moments between Star Trek's many adorable couples, including Odo and Kira, Adira and Gray, Paris and Torres, and many more.

10. Odo Destroying A Whole Society To Save Kira

10 most romantic star trek moments for valentines day
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Odo always admired Kira, ever since he first met her on Terok Nor, during the Cardassian occupation. He kept his feelings to himself for a long time, out of fear of ruining their friendship. We had to wait until DS9's sixth season episode, His Way, for them to finally share their first kiss.

However, Kira was aware of Odo's feelings for quite a while. One specific moment that showed his love was when he literally wiped eight thousand people out of existence to save her.

In the episode Children Of Time, the Defiant crew encountered their own descendants on a mysterious planet. They learned that the Defiant would encounter a time anomaly in a couple days that would disable the ship, send them two hundred years into the past, and strand them on the planet. Kira died when the ship went down, but everyone else survived and began new lives, and, as the generations went on and the crew began starting families, a whole society of eight thousand people slowly emerged. Odo, however, still remained, thanks to his long lifespan, though he was heartbroken by the loss of Kira.

The crew was forced to accept their new lives on this alien world to prevent eight thousand people from never existing. However, they didn't get the chance to go through with it, because the older version of Odo hacked the ship's flight controls to prevent the crash and Kira's death, causing all of their descendants to be deleted from history.

This was an undeniably dark moment for Odo, but it was still quite romantic. His love for Kira was so strong that he was willing to rewrite history and prevent a whole society from ever existing to save her, which makes their goodbyes in What You Leave Behind even more heartbreaking.

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