10 Most Satisfying TV Endings

"I went ahead and ordered some for the whole table"

Sons Of Anarchy

Television is wonderful for many reasons. For one, it distracts us from the mundane elements of everyday life. Secondly, it brings people together and can become an experience that we like to share with others. Finally, it works just as well solo with many people loving nothing more than spending the evening alone in front of the box.

As a result, TV means a lot to many people. We invest our lives into these shows, into these characters and the choices that they make. We spend hours upon hours binging episode after episode so we can spend a little more time away from the real world. So when it comes to the inevitable end we want it to be good.

Unfortunately, not every TV show manages to pull it off. We get it, the pressure is on and you can't please everyone. Thankfully, there are those that do manage to deliver, providing their fans with an ending that they deserve.

10. Fleabag

Sons Of Anarchy

Fleabag may have only run for 2 series but in those 12 short episodes, the wonderful world of television changed for the better.

For those who missed it, the show is centered around the character of Fleabag, played by the wonderful Pheobe Waller-Bridge who also wrote it. Fleabag is a young (ish) woman living in London and dealing with a whole host of complex relationships and grief. What made it stand out was Fleabag's habit of breaking the fourth wall and directly talking to the audience.

This might initially seem like a turn-off but instead, it invited us into the world of a pretty awful human being who was simply just being human.

In the end, the sex-mad Fleabag develops real and actual romantic feelings for a hot priest. The end result doesn't work out for obvious reasons but instead of going off the rails she learns to live with it and continue on with her life. We then watch her talk to us one final time before walking away and instructing us not to follow.


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