10 Most Shocking Hannibal Moments

The scenes that left you screaming at the TV...

Hannibal Beverly Death
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Hannibal hit the screen like a cinematic hurricane. Even five years after the series finale its impact and influence is still very much felt.

For three incredible seasons viewers saw more gruesome twist and turns than series twice as long. Hannibal was a show where the audience is never quite sure what gnarly surprise is waiting around the corner. Will it be gruesome character death, a little self-cannibalism, or possibly even both? Who knows!

Not all its shocks involve blood and guts though. Some of Hannibal's most shocking moments were ones that aimed right for the heart. It isn't a one trick pony, as series creator Bryan Fuller is a master at both the macabre and the beautiful.

Like the character himself, the show knows how to play with its viewers' emotions like putty. One second you might be cringing, while the next you could be crying. It's this brilliant contrast of tones that helps elevate the series to all-time classic status.

With that said, it's time to walk hand in hand through the dark with ten of the most shocking moments on Hannibal...


10. Will Kills Randall Tier

Hannibal Beverly Death
Sony Pictures Television

Under no circumstances should you mess with one of Will Graham's dogs. It is simply not a smart idea.

The entire sequence of the animal-man-killer stalking through Will's property is tense from beginning to end. We've seen what this particularly nasty monster was capable of, and despite being armed, Will appeared to stand little chance against him.

It turns out that the prey would become the predator however when Will straight up kills the guy with his bear hands. We all knew Will was capable of vicious violence, but this was different than anything alluded to before. He didn't need to kill him, he wanted to. For Will this was personal, as not only had one of his pack been hurt, but because Hannibal was pulling the strings as well.

A running arc throughout the series is Hannibal grooming Will to embrace the killer living within him, and this murderous moment is a huge step forward in that process.

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