10 Most Shocking Moments In Squid Game

Everything about Squid Game is shocking, but what shocked the most?!

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Perhaps the most shocking thing about Netflix's Squid Game is its meteoric rise in popularity. Never before has a non-English-spoken TV series soared to the heights of mainstream attention that this one has, and a lot of that has to do with the brilliant, shocking storytelling on display.

It's a series that hooks you in with a luscious visual style before ripping the rug out from under you and causing you to take a nosedive right into disturbing and pulse-pounding territory. Naturally, there's a couple of twists and turns along the way that help make it one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Throughout the show's nine episodes, you get to run the whole gambit of surprising character reveals, nerve-wracking sequences and massive set pieces, turning it into a smorgasbord of exciting moments. But, which scenes stood above the rest for their overt shock value?

The answer to that is in the coming entries, as they all went beyond the line and had you thinking to yourself, "Wow, this show really is something special".


There will, of course, be massive spoilers below.

10. An Example To Be Made

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If you thought forcing people to compete in a capitalist game show full of violence, death and destruction was the only violation of human rights in this show, then you were (like almost every character) not on the money. In fact, there's a whole side story dedicated to organ harvesting, and it came to an end in one shocking climax.

During the first few episodes, a subplot saw player 111 partner up with a set of guards to steal organs from dead players and sell them on the black market. Of course, as all devious schemes go, it ended in bloodshed, leading to a brutal confrontation between the doctor and the guards and eventually the death of every member of the scheme.

However, the most shocking moment came as Gi-Hun, Sang-Woo, and the rest of the crew stepped out to partake in the next game and saw the offenders strewn out across the walkway in a gruesome display.

It goes to show that playing the game seriously is important and sure painted one menacing image that stuck out for its barbarism.

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