10 Most Shockingly Sudden Exits From TV Shows

9. Cas Anvar (Alex Kamal) - The Expanse

Lost Ana Lucia Cortez

The team behind The Expanse faced an extremely tricky challenge while completing post-production on the show's recent fifth season.

Shortly after filming wrapped, star Cas Anvar - who plays Rocinante pilot Alex Kamal - was accused of sexual harassment and assault, prompting production company Alcon Entertainment to hire an outside firm to investigate his behaviours.

A month before season five began airing, Alcon confirmed that Anvar would not be returning for the show's sixth and final season, though provided no further information about what would become of Alex.

Though it initially seemed like the showrunners were simply going to write Alex out between seasons, the season five finale shockingly saw Alex die of a random stroke mid-mission.

Fans were sharply divided on the decision - on one hand Anvar clearly needed to go, though the relatively clumsy nature of Alex's death, cobbled together from existing footage combined with a few hasty reshoots with the rest of the cast, left a sour taste.

All in all it might've made more sense to simply have Alex quietly retire between seasons, rather than cast an undeniably dark pall over the finale with such a distracting mic drop moment.

Above all else, didn't Alex really deserve better than this?


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