10 Most WTF TV Moments Of 2015

The moments that made us pause (then quickly rewind) in shock and horror.

Television, television, television €“ nowadays, there is just so much television. From Netflix to Amazon Prime to Hulu, the exclusive shows are endless €“ and that's just when streaming online. When you factor in all of the other cable and satellite networks, the sheer amount of content is absolutely staggering. With so much television, then, it's inevitable that the bizarre, shocking moments have increased in frequency. Many consider television writing to be the strongest it's ever been, so it's only natural that there's more twists and surprises. But not all of these moments come from scripted television shows, as you'll soon see. Some of the weirdest spawn from the television that surrounds scripted shows; from promotional interviews to live performances, weirdness has a tendency to show up everywhere. So whether you're looking to revisit some of the year's most shocking television moments or are looking to catch up on everything notable that you missed, this list will take you through the ten most WTF television moments of 2015.


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