10 Movie Interviews That Went Very Wrong

These movie interviews were nothing short of flaming trainwrecks.

Cara Delevingne

Making a great movie is simply one part of the filmmaking process - there's an entire industry centered around the promotion of said films, where studios trot their stars out for a press tour to sell the movie as broadly as possible around the world.

And while the majority of these interviews are glorified puff-pieces in which the interviewer and interviewee have a frothy, harmless exchange for 5-10 minutes and everything goes fine, every so often disaster strikes and a viral Internet moment is made.

Sometimes there's just something off about the chemistry between an interviewer and the star in question, or perhaps the journalist rubs the actor the wrong way by a comment they make.

Whatever the reason, these 10 movie interviews all collapsed in spectacularly shambolic fashion; resulting in the pair getting into a verbal sparring match, the actor walking out, or everybody just feeling painfully awkward about it until the allotted interview time mercifully ran out.

You'll need a strong cringe reflex to withstand these agonisingly awkward interviews, which deviated far from the missive of movie promotion and became something else entirely...

10. Tarantino Shuts Down Debate About Movie Violence

Cara Delevingne
Channel 4

Quentin Tarantino has unsurprisingly faced much vocal criticism throughout his career over his films' frequent use of graphic violence, as built to a wince-inducing fever pitch while the filmmaker was on the press tour for Django Unchained.

An interview with Channel 4's Krishnan Guru-Murthy quickly turned snippy when Murthy asked about the film's controversies, namely Spike Lee calling it "disrespectful," and then asking Tarantino why he makes violent movies and whether his works could have a negative impact on viewers.

At this point a riled up Tarantino, clearly taking exception with the line of questioning, bites back, refusing to answer questions, reminding Guru-Murthy that the interview is a "commercial" to sell his film, and then infamously telling him, "I'm shutting your butt down."

Guru-Murthy continued to push for a few more minutes until finally moving on to discuss Tarantino's wider career, with the interview inexplicably ending on a relatively civil note after such an intense back-and-forth.

Many came out in support of Tarantino for refusing to take Guru-Murthy's bait and again re-state a position he's made clear countless times in the past. As successfully as Tarantino defended himself, though, the exchange remains painful to watch.


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