10 Movies That Must Return As A TV Series

Some were great films, some were bad films, but they'd all make unmissable television

The Big Lebowski Jeff Bridges
Working Title Films

One noticeable consequence of this current golden age of television is that you're no longer seeing the success of a show measured by how likely it is to get an awkwardly cobbled together payday at the cinema. Instead the best shows are staying on your screens at home, and it's movies that are looking to make the leap across the artistic divide.

While the very mention of the film-to-TV spin off invokes horrible flashbacks to My Big Fat Greek Life and The Young Indiana Jones, the adaptation of the Coen Brothers dark comedy Fargo proved two important things. Firstly that any movie can make the transition into the world of television so long as there's a strong enough idea at its heart and the writing's good enough, and, secondly, that you should never run across an icy lake in heavy boots. But what next?

With rumours of School Of Rock, Resident Evil and Minority Report all in the pipeline to get their own series, producers are obviously open to hearing any ideas at the moment. Do they go for films that deserve a second chance, stories that would be better serialised, or just reunite audiences with the characters they loved? Whatever the approach is, here are the 10 movies that would, with the right approach and people on board, make essential TV viewing.

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