10 Movies That Must Return As A TV Series

10. Sin City

Nancy Callahan Sin City A Dame to Kill For Jessica Alba

Putting aside for one moment the monumental cost of bringing a suitably prestigious and varied cast to the project, and then ignoring the amount of time and expertise it would take to realise every episode on the same stylistic level as the films, Sin City would make a mind-blowing TV series. Picture it - no really, picture it - a Sin City series would look and feel like nothing else on television right now.

Dark, sexy, violent, funny, brimming with iconic characters and memorable one-liners, the story could focus on any number of the neo-noir comic's gangs, organisations, villains or heroes, or flip between them in a way the Robert Rodriguez's 2005 action thriller managed so well. The beauty with Sin City is that Miller created it as a series of stories that, whilst all set in the same surroundings of corruption and filth, survive perfectly independently of each other.

There are 13 to play with in all, meaning the groundwork for an entire first season is already there. Better yet, producers could even give Frank Miller carte blanche to come up with new and original story-lines to keep things fresh, assuming he's gotten over how bad A Dame To Kill For was.

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