10 NEW Star Trek Series For CBS All Access We Want To See

Holodeck series anyone?

Star Trek Holodeck

As streaming services increase in numbers on what feels like an almost daily basis, it's becoming harder and harder for them to find ways to stand out. When Disney launched Disney+, they could rely on well known in house brands to get them over, such as Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and their own incredibly deep backlist. Quibi has not had the same luxury.

Taking things a step further, more and more old school networks have launched their own proprietary streaming services. CBS All Access has managed to build a name for itself in recent years thanks to the always popular Star Trek franchise.

Their first series was Star Trek: Discovery, set a decade before the adventures of Kirk's Enterprise on a prototype ship called the Discovery. CBS followed this up with Star Trek: Picard which continues the story of Jean-Luc Picard. Both series have new seasons on the way. Additionally, CBS All Access has at least two more series in the works, Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Section 31 starring Michelle Yeoh.

But Star Trek has been making TV shows, movies and more since 1966. There are an incredible number of opportunities for more series, mini-series and movies for CBS All Access.

10. Tkon Empire

Star Trek Holodeck

In the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard and bis brand new crew encountered a strange planet that disabled their ship. It also disabled a nearby Ferengi ship. Both crews sent away teams down to the planet on what turned out to be an extremely uncooperative mission as the Ferengi attacked and betrayed the Riker led team.

On the planet, the away team encountered Portal 63, the last defender of the massive, and long extinct, Tkon Empire. Reputedly, a supernova was the cause of the Tkon Empire's downfall but books have revealed that the Q Continuum played a role in their downfall. Regardless of the reason, Portal 63 did not know this and was dismayed to find there was nothing left for him to protect.

This was the Federation's first encounter with a living representative of the Tkon Empire, and possibly the last because they never came up, again. At least in TV and movies.

The Tkon Empire is a topic well worth exploring in a new series. Their reach covered a large part of the known galaxy, meaning they had influences on younger species they may not have even been aware of. They also had incredible technology, which allowed them to achieve impressive feats such as moving stars.

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