10 NEW Star Trek Series For CBS All Access We Want To See

8. Christine Chapel

Star Trek Holodeck

The crew of the Enterprise as always been bigger than the seven or eight main cast members each series focused on. There are always other key players throughout the ship, without whom the mission would often fail. Christine Chapel is one of those important crew members that rarely gets the respect she deserves.

Christine Chapel started off as Dr. Leonard McCoy's nurse on the Enterprise in The Original Series. She joined Starfleet in part to search the galaxy for her missing fiance, Dr. Kolby. This mission was successful to an extent. The Enterprise eventually stumbled across him on a planet, researching an extinct race with advanced android technology. He had transferred his mind into one of those android bodies, gone dangerously insane and was killed by the crew.

Eventually, Chapel rose through the ranks of Starfleet and became a doctor. She was last seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage home, working from Starfleet Headquarters.

Chapel is one of those characters who played a huge role in the foundations of the Star Trek universe but has yet to get any substantial focus on her character. Beyond that, she also has an incredibly interesting story beyond her life on the Enterprise. A CBS All Access series would be the perfect way to give more life to a great character.

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