10 Notorious Star Trek Urban Legends

Beverly Hills Trek!?


Even in the absurd depths of fictional lore, there aren't many franchises out there with a universe as deep and bizarre as Star Trek. Taking us hundreds of years into the future, and sometimes even further into the past, an entire galaxy of civilization has birthed movies, books, TV shows, and whatever other outlets people can find for their creativity.

But if there's one thing that can match the murky depths of Star Trek fiction, it's the equally clouded history of Star Trek fact.

Hundreds of performers, writers, producers, directors, and studio big-wigs have been involved in some capacity over the decades, and with each of them comes the potential for a mythicized tale. Abortive plans, backstage disputes, you name it, there's been enough personalities and egos involved at every level to make it happen.

To borrow a phrase from another beloved sci-fi property though, the truth is indeed out there if you know where to look. From dramatically ground axes to things being very gently set straight, Star Trek's greatest urban legends can all be laid to rest in this wonderful information age.

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