10 Once Awesome TV Shows That Now Suck

Simp Gif There comes a time in the life of every great television show when it's time to say goodbye. It's no secret that after a few amazing seasons some shows begin to dry up on the humor or otherwise decent plots and take a turn for the worse. When this happens we know there's still a slight chance we can get one or two good seasons out of 'em but it's usually time to just hang it up. Unfortunately, due to the decent ratings the show may still be receiving from their hopeless fans €“ we've all been there €“ they're from their much deserved rest and continue falling deeper into a state of no return. So with this in mind, presented in no particular order are ten shows that may or may not have already jumped the shark or for whatever reason are just in need of immediate retirement.

10. Two And A Half Men

Two And A Half Men When it first premiered in September of 2003 Two and a Half Men proved it had what it takes to make it on the air. The show had a great formula, a cast with incredible on-screen chemistry, and was never shy of providing laughter. Unfortunately, that was ten years ago and just about everything that made Two and a Half Men a good show is now gone. Beginning with season 9 and in the wake of Charlie Sheen's public meltdown, we find out that Charlie Harper has died suddenly while on a getaway with Rose leaving us with new character Walden Schmidt. Ashton Kutcher is definitely a decent actor but his portrayal of super-smart guy Walden leaves a quite visible gap in the show's humor. Whereas before the ensemble cast's chemistry was bordering on amazing we are now forced to watch something as awkward as a millionaire who buys a dead man's house and continues allowing the dead man's cheapskate brother to live there with him. The reason for that is probably because that's exactly what we're watching, and it's no good! Why they continue calling the show Two and a Half Men is beyond us too, as the half-pint has grown up into a man himself. Speaking of Jake Harper, he's portrayed by Angus T. Jones who also seems to believe the show is past its prime too €“ he gone as far as to call it "filth" and warn viewers against watching. Now going into its eleventh season €“ which many great shows rarely accomplish €“ Two and a Half Men is an enigma to millions, who wander why those who watch it continue to persevere against diminishing returns. Rather than be remembered for its witty dialogue and entertaining premise the show will now forever be known as the one that should've been canceled far before it replaced its lead character with someone completely unfitting to its environment. Let's face it €“ Jon Cryer isn't funny, Ashton Kutcher isn't doing himself any favors, and the story has become far too ridiculous to be even mildly entertaining. Come on, CBS. It's time to hang it up.

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