10 Other Outrageously Well-Dressed TV Shows (That Aren't Mad Men)

9. New Girl - Debrah McGuire

New Girl "New Girl" completely rejuvenated the retro-inspired dress movement, breathing new life into brands like Anthropologie, and Modcloth, encouraging every girl to go hunting for that perfect vintage dress, striped tops and polka dot sweaters. McGuire describes Jess' style as having a classic Audrey Hepburn influence:
"There's a very late '40s, early '50s vibe to it that's really refreshing. It has sex appeal and sensuality without it smacking you in the face. It's not about exposing; it's about being playful. It's feminine and youthful and fun. And I think every woman wants to be feminine and youthful and fun."
McGuire says the initial idea behind Deschanel's character was to "do something that we hadn't seen on TV before." She continues to describes the character's style as full of "primary colors €” there's something about those that I thought really work. She's sort of a mix of Crayola crayons." Personally, I'm thrilled at this "new" craze that doesn't seem to be going away. Usually new ones (here's looking at you, skinny jeans and crop tops) are so restrictive, and to me - boring. What's fun about going to a massive store and buying the exact same dress that you will see on the street right in front of you? What has happened, that instead of looking for a way to express ourselves through our taste, we became clones that ALL wear black, faux leather leggings? Don't get me wrong, i'm a "starving artist", and buy from those stores just like everybody else, I'm not trying to be an elitist. In this economy, that's practically impossible. But I've come to hate the skinny style because EVERYONE is wearing it. Also, as a curvy girl I can say this (I hope) - ladies. If you are not petite, please don't wear tights/leggings/skinnies that suffocate your limbs. Why would you want to? I don't mean this as a judgment but rather as a revelation - make your style your own. Sure, I would love, like my best friend who is a size 0, to wear 1920's inspired dresses. But I can't. It doesn't flatter my voluptuous figure. So instead, I go for the Joan from Mad Men look, and accent my waist and other assets. Ladies, be yourselves. Don't try to conform to what the hot trend is. Take Jess as an example and celebrate your shape. I think she is extremely sexy and stylish, without trying to force herself into what is "in vogue". From Forever 21 and H&M to J Crew and Neiman Marcus. Mixing and matching prints is a signature style of New Girl. The quirkier the better!

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