10 Plot Holes You Haven't Noticed In The Arrowverse

Crisis Of Infinite Logics...

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The Arrowverse is undoubtedly the measuring stick when it comes to modern-day superhero television. Though some will argue with that statement, it's hard to deny all that it has accomplished over the past decade as its success paved the way for a renaissance of comic book-inspired shows and ultimately proved that superheroes belong on the small screen just as much as they do on the silver one.

Arrow's success eventually led to the birth of the even more successful spin-off The Flash. Soon afterwards, the shared universe grew with Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow joining in on the action. And now, we have Batwoman and two more potential projects all ready to ensure that the Arrowverse lives on when its originator concludes.

That being said, eight years of storytelling is hard to keep up with - and not just for us viewers. Thus, some of the Arrowverse shows will often encounter some, well, storytelling blips. Yes, there are occasions were certain developments don't necessarily reflect what we had been told before. And whether the logic is genuinely overlooked or it's done intentionally for plot convenience, it happens... even if it isn't always obvious.

10. The Green Arrow Of Earth-2

Arrowverse Supergirl Batwoman Flash Arrow
The CW

Arrow's eighth season has been the closest the show has come to perfection since its acclaimed second offering, but there was one moment that left a few of the Arrowverse's more clued-in fans a little confused. That moment came in the season premiere 'Starling City' in which Oliver Queen traveled to Earth-2 to procure Dwarfstar particles for The Monitor.

While there, he was confronted by the Black Canary herself, Laurel Lance. But she wasn't alone, as she was receiving help from that earth's Hood Adrian Chase. Though the pair made a formidable team, it didn't make sense with what he we had been told before.

All the way back on The Flash's second season, a news bulletin revealed that the Hood had already been unmasked and that his identity was Robert Queen - Oliver's father who had been driven to crime-fighting after the death of his son on the Gambit.

While it's always possible that Chase was Queen's successor, this was never explained and thus, came off as a plot inconsistency more than anything else. Though the showrunners have since attempted to explain away the fan queries with the 'multiple Green Arrows' philosophy, it would have made more sense if those lines were actually in the show.

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