10 Plot Twists That Totally Ruined Awesome TV Shows

It was all going so well for these TV shows... until somebody decided to throw an unwanted, twist-shaped spanner into the works, that is.

A plot twist can be a wonderful thing, or it can be a facepalm-inducing kiss of death for a TV show. When writers get it right, it can breath new life into a tired formula and catch even the most devoted fans off guard, but if they screw up, longtime fans may end up feeling alienated and ultimately end up abandoning the show as a result. For every brilliant twist out there, there are some iconically awful ones which have been the mockery of fans and non-fans alike ever since. These twists failed for a variety of reasons, though the main reason is simple implausibility. The writers asked audiences to suspend their disbelief to such a ridiculous degree that the show ultimately collapsed under its own weight and was never the same again. Of course, if you disagree or feel that I've missed any major twists, let me know in the comments or forever hold your peace!

10. Prison Break - Everyone Goes To Sona (Season 2)

The first season of Prison Break was a superbly taut, intense depiction of prison life, as one man, Michael Scofield, desperately had himself inserted into a prison with the intent of breaking his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is soon to be executed, out of the jail. The second season sees the Fox River escapees on the run, a surprisingly decent continuation of what came before, as William Fichtner is thrown into the mix as Alexander Mahone, a determined FBI Agent who stalks the gang like a Terminator. However, this was all promptly undone at the end of Season 2 when Michael, Mahone, Bellick were captured and sent to the PenitenciarĂ­a Federal de Sona, essentially sending the series back to square one in a lame attempt to drag things out further. Though the idea of Michael being imprisoned alongside his foes like Mahone and Bellick was refreshing, the jail scenario felt like a stop-gap while the writers caught their breath to figure out what to do next, and the show never really recovered. Additional twists in Season 3, such as Sara being dead (and as it turns out later, not being dead) indicated a writing team who didn't know what the Hell they were doing.

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