10 Potential TV Castings We’re SO Glad Didn’t Happen

Matthew Broderick as the one who knocks? Nah...


Following on from the recent film 10 potential castings we’re so glad didn’t happen, the world of TV is littered with alternate castings which could have tanked hit shows too. Now that we’ve seen what a success these ten shows were, it’s interesting to look back on where they might have gone very wrong.

Not that all these castings would have been awful, per se. In some cases, the actor not cast was kept on hold, eventually getting a part elsewhere in the series which they nailed into the floorboards. Other times though, the near miss is so bizarre you’ll be thanking your lucky stars.

There’s several TV shows which have been carried by their performances; great acting can make poor scripts decent. Some of these shows though are amongst the most critically acclaimed of all time, so messing with that formula is definitely something to avoid.

Also, with the likes of Game Of Thrones and Friends auditioning so many stars they could each fill the list on their own, it’s limited to one per series here, just to keep things a bit more interesting.


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