10 Reasons Better Call Saul Is Better Than The Walking Dead

They are very different shows, but their target audiences aren't as dissimilar as you might think.


Since Breaking Bad and Mad Men reached their conclusions, AMC have struggled to fill the void. The Walking Dead has tried, but its script writing is nowhere near the same quality. Still, AMC push it and it has a large, but dwindling, fan base.

But this comes at the expense of Better Call Saul, the spin-off prequel to the aforementioned Breaking Bad. It has been well received and has a dedicated fan base, but it is treated as somewhat of a black sheep, with The Walking Dead taking all the attention.

This is disappointing, as Better Call Saul has proven itself to be a well written, deep and enjoyable programme. It has yet to display the significant structural weaknesses that have been present in The Walking Dead since its beginning and continue to be exacerbated with every new season.

Of course, at face value they are two very different shows, and if you watch The Walking Dead purely to see zombies and gratuitous violence, then Better Call Saul probably isn't for you. However, if you are looking for gripping drama, great characters and interesting plot twists, Better Call Saul may be able to offer you something that has been lacking from more recent seasons of The Walking Dead.

If you are bored of The Walking Dead and looking for new drama to get behind, here's why you should give Better Call Saul a try.


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