10 Reasons Glee Fans Hate Glee

2. The New Directions AREN€™T Underdogs

Glee is quite eager to portray itself as a show that celebrates the underdog: the characters are frequently bullied or else referenced to be at the bottom of the social chain. At the start of season one the Glee Club€™s diminishing reputation was narrated effectively, but after seasons of winning competitions maintaining this focus hardly seems appropriate for the show - surely even glee club deserves some respect after all those trophies! I find it difficult to believe that there would not be a flurry of new members hoping to improve their college prospects by being part of a successful school society, especially since the show has established through Mike and Sugar that the ability to sing is apparently not mandatory. If season four rumours serve correctly, the underdog theme may finally have reached the end of its days €“ but that doesn€™t change the fact that it hasn€™t been relevant for at least two seasons.
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