10 Reasons Why Better Call Saul Could Be As Good As Breaking Bad

Looks like Breaking Bad fans have a worthy replacement for their favourite show.

When AMC's Breaking Bad finally came to an end back in 2013 it felt to many fans of great television that a defining era was over. Few TV shows have so successfully accumulated a huge fan base and - more importantly - been fully deserving of their acclaimed status.

Despite rumours of more Breaking Bad (and hoaxes implying that Walter White would be returning to our screens), there's no chance of that iconic series ever returning to our screens outside of reruns, and fans of great drama were forced to resign themselves to putting their favourite characters behind them for good. At least, that was the case until series creator Vince Gilligan announced the production of spin-off series Better Call Saul.

While spin-offs have a track record of being inferior to the source material which inspired them, Better Call Saul has managed to prove the doubters wrong in just two strong opening episodes. Indeed, far from being a disappointment - as the more pessimistic amongst us were perhaps expecting - it's proven to be a solid show, with plenty of scope to develop into a worthy successor to the great Breaking Bad.

Here are ten reasons why Better Call Saul could be every bit as good as Breaking Bad. Be warned, there are minor SPOILERS lurking in the following pages, so if you haven't seen the first two episodes you'd be wise to wait until you have before reading on.


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