10 Reasons Why Teen Wolf Is The Best TV Show You've Never Seen

10. Modern Day Buffy With More Bite

As mentioned before if you watched Buffy all those years ago chances are you will love Teen Wolf. They both share many characteristics and they both capture your imagination with every episode. While Buffy was a good show and bad @$s at times, the show was still a bit on the lighter side and seemed more fluffy than dangerous in certain situations. Teen Wolf on the other hand has no fluffy side to be seen, the direction from the very first episode has been dark and awesome. It brings everything you want in a show like this to the table. It brings sex appeal, action, twists and turns that keep you at the edge of your seat. While Buffy had vampires, Teen Wolf obviously has their main focus on Werewolves and it is not like the ones you saw in the movie Teen Wolf. These Werewolves are vicious, scary and simply put, deadly.
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