10 Reasons Why The Last Dance On Netflix Is Unmissable

The greatest of all time? To be honest, Michael Jordan wasn't too bad either.


The Last Dance on Netflix has only recently concluded and is already touted as one of the most comprehensive documentaries of all time. At first glance, the glossy docu-series is about the the final championship season of the Chicago Bulls in 1997/1998, but crucially - like all good documentaries - it transcends the subject matter.

This ten-part series goes far deeper than the sport of basketball, celebrating the career of one of sports most iconic figures in Michael Jordan, his teammates Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, as well as head coach Phil Jackson. The ten episodes unveil humble upbringings, personal tragedies and fierce conflicts that will resonate with many viewers, basketball fan or not.

Told by the people who were there, The Last Dance showcases one of the most iconic and dominating dynasties of all time and with never before seen, candid footage, this is a peak behind the curtain like never before.

A mesmerising story that supports the sport of basketball with heritage, destiny and cultural phenomena, it's an absolute must-watch. And here's why...


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