10 Reasons Why We Love BBC's Sherlock

6. London

From John€™s meeting with an old friend in Russell Square to the flat in Baker Street and on around the capital€™s streets, London is as important a part of the Sherlock universe as anything else. In keeping with Conan Doyle€™s original work, the companions race around the streets and boroughs of the city beneath a series of landmarks, bright lights and double-decker buses. When they leave the city to visit Dartmoor, London is noticeable by its absence and on returning to Baker Street, everyone is very much at home.

5. Music

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1X2r8coYAQ If you want a quirky, memorable and particularly British score to compliment your quirky, memorable and particularly British show, look no further than David Arnold. The man behind the most recent Bond soundtracks created a beautiful score for Sherlock along with Michael Price. At first the main theme is a little bit odd, moving at an awkward pace that makes you think you€™re not quite going to like this. On further listening however it is a comfortable, warm melody and you want to spend more time with it, much like the central character.
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