Daredevil: 10 Reasons Wilson Fisk Is The Best MCU Villain

Age Of Ultron? Long Live the Kingpin!


Despite being shown on the small screen rather than the large, the recent Daredevil series is fully integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the destructive events of Avengers Assemble forming the backbone to the show's storyline. "Heroes and their consequences are why we have our current opportunities" explains mob accountant Leland Owlsley at the opening of a new chapter in the 'verse, in which multicoloured high-flyers are replaced with gritty and down to earth life on the streets. 

Despite this fresh perspective of the unique world which their superheroes inhabit, Marvel have come full circle in terms of the villains they are facing. Firget the intergalactic backdrop, Wilson Fisk is merely a businessman with heavy emphasis on illicit dealings, most resembling Iron Man's Obadiah Stone. 

Also known in the comics as the Kingpin, Fisk first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #50 back in 1967 but has continued to pop up throughout Marvel's various titles ever since, and was the obvious choice to feature in the first of Netflix's TV adaptations.

Each successive villain throughout the MCU's cinematic offerings has been upping the ante in terms of their predecessors since Stone helped bring Marvel to a whole new audience, with the current champion being A.I. angel of death Ultron. The bigger they come the harder they may fall, but all of the increasing Blockbuster behemoths still fall short when measuring up to such a complex and interesting character as New York's own Wilson Fisk. 


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