10 Reasons You Absolutely Have To Watch Better Call Saul

Welcome back to The Gilligan Universe.

The response to the first two episodes of Better Call Saul has been an overwhelming thumbs-up, even though, just days before the launch, co-creator Vince Gilligan admitted he was worried about whether it would be a success or a well intended mistake. He explained: "If it's AfterMASH rather than Frasier then it won't be for a lack of hard work, wishful thinking and a lot of smart people doing their best, but you just don't know until the world takes it in." Pragmatic yet loyal, Gilligan might also have been trying to calm the fevered anticipation so his new show had a chance to breathe. But there's little chance of this being a slow burn - just look at how the bereaved and bereft expressions worn by Breaking Bad fans are fading. Watch their sad little smiles being replaced by smirks. Although crystals shouldn't be counted until they're cooked, it looks like there's going to be another stroke-inducing journey into the Albuquerque underworld, this time to find out how Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) became Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman. As is to be expected, this article contains spoilers for the first two episodes. Those taking a stubborn tortoise's approach to Breaking Bad, meanwhile, should stop reading right now.

Steph Johnson is a freelance writer living in the north, follow her on Twitter @Johnson77Steph