10 Recent Sci-Fi TV Shows (You Gave Up On Too Soon)

It's not too late to give these spacey adventures another go.

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Look, we all give up on stuff sometimes. It's tough to see things right through to the end, just look at the accumulation of half-finished handknitted Christmas jumpers we've started over the years. Look, we get it, these things happen, no more often than with TV shows.

In today's age of streaming services, the world of television often feels completely over-saturated most of the time, so we can all be forgiven for giving up on a TV series for one reason or another. Maybe your favourite show started up again and you forgot to check back in on that old one. Or maybe it just never got its hooks into you in the first place.

Over the years there have been myriad sci-fi shows that have fallen afoul of this particular fate, left to gather dust like so many a dejected Christmas puppy. But don't worry, we're not levelling all of the blame on you guys. In fact, the 'you' in the title has two meanings in this case. There's the 'you', reading this, who gave up on these shows too early like a coward. And then there's the 'you' meaning the TV networks who gave up on these shows too early...also like cowards.

So enjoy reading this knowing that not all of the guilt lies with you...although a lot of it still does.

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