10 Recent TV Scenes That Shocked The World

Those recent TV scenes that left everyone's jaws on the floor.

Euphoria Cassie

We are living through the most diverse and artistically accomplished period in the history of TV - there's never been more high-quality, cutting-edge small screen entertainment to choose from at the mere press of a button.

This embarrassment of riches and abundance of content, however, means that it's much, much harder for any single show to stick out, and if all else fails, why not resort to a little shock value?

TV shows live and die these days on whether or not they can generate social media chatter, and nothing will keep the discourse alive like a shocking moment that maybe, just maybe, actually ended up going a little too far.

These 10 TV shows, each of them generally well-received by critics and fans alike, nevertheless delivered some truly unexpected scenes that have been talked about extensively ever since.

From moments that tested the bounds of taste to insane plot twists fans are still getting their heads around, brutal death scenes, wild cameos, and everything else in-between, these are the zeitgeist-capturing scenes from current TV shows that you absolutely need to see with your own eyes...

10. Tommy Talks To His Junk - Pam & Tommy

Euphoria Cassie

Pam & Tommy is one of the year's most entertaining and unexpectedly nuanced shows to date, focused on the furore surrounding the theft and release of Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee's (Sebastian Stan) sex tape in 1995.

Yet surely the single most unforgettable scene in the show occurs early on, when in the second episode Tommy considers proposing to Pam mere days after meeting her, all while his standing-to-attention penis tries to persuade him otherwise.

Hilariously, Tommy Lee's defiant dick is voiced by the great Jason Mantzoukas, and while Lee obviously doesn't have an actual talking todger, the scene was reportedly inspired by a brief excerpt from his 2004 autobiography "Tommy Land," where he argues with his own genitalia.

The effect was achieved through an animatronic puppet which Sebastian Stan had to "saddle" into while it was operated by a puppeteer. The end result is equal-parts hilarious and surreal, and by far the biggest WTF moment in a show absolutely full of them.

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