10 Recent TV Shows That Were Sent Out To Die

Because it ain't just Netflix who doesn't give shows a chance.

The Pentaverate Netflix Mike Myers

There's nothing more depressing than becoming a huge fan of a show, only for it to end up cancelled or at major risk of cancellation because the network basically gave it no chance to thrive.

In recent times Netflix has received extensive criticism for how quickly they've axed shows while releasing them in less-than-ideal conditions, but as this list will prove, they're far from the only guilty party.

These 10 recent TV shows were all sent out into the world without much of an opportunity to gain a major following and grow a substantial audience.

Whether due to the platform releasing them in a crowded slate alongside other major shows, failing to promote them, or making bone-headed creative decisions which killed fan interest overnight, these shows really didn't stand a chance.

While there are complex and multi-faceted reasons for everything that a TV network or streaming service does, it's clearly not often in the favour of letting art flourish and cultivate a fanbase.

These shows didn't get anywhere close to a fair shake, no matter how they turned out quality-wise...

10. Ms. Marvel

The Pentaverate Netflix Mike Myers

It might seem odd to talk about a Marvel Cinematic Universe show as being sent out to die, but you have to consider the environment within which their recent Ms. Marvel series was released.

Ms. Marvel aired through June and July of last year, with its first three episodes releasing the very same day that the latter three episodes of Disney's Obi-Wan Kenobi series were also released.

Unsurprisingly audiences gave preference to Star Wars, while Ms. Marvel's ratings became the lowest of any MCU Disney+ series to date.

But Disney have only themselves to blame for it not performing better, because how could a relatively niche Marvel character possibly stand a chance against Obi-Wan freakin' Kenobi?

Scheduling the two series to air on the same day proved all the more baffling given that Ms. Marvel provides a direct lead-in to the upcoming The Marvels movie. And yet from how Disney treated it you'd assume it was a random standalone spin-off without any universal import whatsoever.

Plus, Disney's bizarre mistreatment of the series might cause executives to take the wrong message away from its mediocre ratings - that audiences don't crave representation, rather than the show's visibility being overshadowed by a much larger IP.

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