10 Recent TV Shows With The Worst CGI Moments

9. The Capitol Building - Pretty Little Liars

Terra Nova

On the surface, Pretty Little Liars does not need extensive VFX work as its subject matter does not lend itself to the use of fantastical imagery or beings. That said, digital wizardry is often sparingly employed to fine-tune any rough edges that may arise as a result of shooting on set rather than on a location.

Unfortunately (or hilariously), this was not the case with the show's sixth season premiere. The first few minutes of the episode were meant to show how much has changed following the five-year time skip by showing Spencer at the steps on the Capitol Building following her venture into politics.

The scene was shot using a green screen and the final result was as unconvincing as it could get. It even got to the point where the show's executive producer, Lisa Cochran-Neilan came out and mentioned that the Capitol Building shot was shot at the last minute with a barebones budget.

It does not ruin the episode as a whole but it did take audiences out of the viewing experience and leave them with a chuckle or two.


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