10 Red Dwarf Episodes You Absolutely Must See

These episodes will keep any smeghead entertained on a three million year trip back to Earth.

Red Dwarf Cast

Buckle up Smegheads, because today we're talking about Red Dwarf - the legendary sci-fi/comedy series that's been delighting audiences for over 30 years. Premiering in 1988, this fan-favourite series has aired on and off ever since, with just a few brief (and not so brief) hiatuses along the way.

During that time the show has constantly delighted fans with it's unique blend of sci-fi antics and character-driven situational comedy. Obviously, the show has gone through many changes since its humble beginnings as "The Odd Couple in space", but at its core it has always held true to its roots, utilising a mixture of brilliant sci-fi concepts and witty humour. But, of course, it's the show's core characters - Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten - that are really to thank for the show's long-lasting success.

However, as with any TV show, especially one as long-lived as this, there are bound to be high points and low points. So after such an impressive run, which is still going strong to this day, what episodes have stood out above the rest? Grab your red alert bulb and put the puncture repair kit on standby, because it's time to find out.

10. Parallel Universe

Red Dwarf Cast

To kick things off, here's an iconic episode that marked the end of an era. After the first season's ship-bound "odd couple" format, Season Two saw the show experimenting with more bizarre sci-fi concepts, with its final episode showcasing one of the show's biggest sci-fi ideas at that point.

This episode sees Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Holly using Holly's newly devised "Holly Hop Drive" to visit a parallel universe. Here they find an alternate version of Red Dwarf crewed by female versions of Lister, Rimmer and even Holly, while a man evolved from a dog serves as Cat's counterpart. Naturally, the jokes write themselves and the crew's female counterparts make for some brilliant comedy, with the actresses doing stellar jobs at mirroring the Boys from the Dwarf.

The episode also offers up some not so subtle social commentary, as the boys learn that this entire universe is actually female-centric, with gender-flipped versions of historical figures and a "masculinist" movement. Of course though, it's Lister's one-night stand with, well, Lister - and its unexpected consequences - that offers the biggest shock of the episode. This resulted in a massive cliffhanger that actually created a rare moment of continuity from the first season, only to have it hand-waved away in the next season. Regardless, this is still a monumental moment from the show's early days.

Oh and of course, there's that show-stopping opening musical number - Tongue Tied - which showed fans just how talented Danny John-Jules really is.

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