10 Redeemed TV Characters Who Didn't Deserve It

9. Angela Martin - The Office

The Walking Dead Negan

The Office's Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) is the single most unlikeable main character working at Dunder Mifflin - a cold, judgmental woman with a string of unconscionable moral crimes to her name.

These include the hypocrisy of cheating on several partners while professing to be a devout Christian, falsely telling Dwight (Rainn Wilson) he wasn't the father of her child, and worst of all, straight-up plotting to have Oscar (Oscar Nunez) killed.

Despite all this and the general disdain with which she treats most everyone, Angela gets a redemption arc in the series' final few episodes, where her character's caustic nature is suddenly, blatantly undone and she even marries Dwight in the finale, in turn receiving a blissfully happy ending.

It feels like a huge cop-out, though; an abrupt 180 for an utterly wretched human being.

Angela was ultimately lucky to be tethered to one of the show's most popular characters, where Dwight's happy ending required Angela's to also be. But let's be honest, Dwight deserved better.


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