10 Redeemed TV Characters Who Didn't Deserve It

7. Emperor Philippa Georgiou - Star Trek: Discovery

The Walking Dead Negan
Emperor Georgiou

After the original Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) is killed in Star Trek: Discovery's first season, her Mirror Universe equivalent is swiftly introduced.

And to be blunt, Emperor Georgiou is basically Space Hitler - she's shown to be responsible for the murder and enslavement of billions, which really makes her far more beyond redemption than any other character on this list.

But Georgiou is eventually brought over to the Prime Universe and even joins Section 31, becoming an ally to the Federation while her fascistic past is increasingly swept under the rug. It's certainly a testament to the persuasive power of Michelle Yeoh's performance that this is possible at all, but all the same, it's extremely difficult to reconcile the notion of such an epic tyrant being given a fresh start, even accepting the unique circumstances of her arrival in the Prime Universe.

That a genocidal maniac is just walking around, living their life and enjoying a journey of self-betterment, is completely ridiculous.


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