10 Resurrected TV Shows That Should’ve Stayed Dead

Some TV networks and producers don't seem to know when they're beating dead horses...

Sometimes, shows don't stay cancelled. There are a number of potential reasons: A second network might pick up a show because the cancellation means they can get an established show at a bargain price. Reruns proved popular in syndication or on cable, and there's enough interest to bring it back. Completely random whims of the network. Some combination of the above. Variations of the above that make no sense out of context (and sometimes in context). The shows that you're about to read about are all very different cases. Shows that were loved by the network, hated by the network, coddled by the network, and abused by the network. A lot of the decisions won't appear to make much sense from the point of view of you, the viewer and consumer. What they all have in common, though, is that someone somewhere did something to facilitate their resurrection after the show finished its run. Not all of these shows were cancelled, though. Some ended when they were supposed to, only to be brought back for vague and mysterious reasons that have made them unique pieces of TV lore. You'll even see at learn about one show where it looks like the creator schemed to keep it on the air after promising to end it. Let's get started.
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