10 Revived TV Shows That Should've Stayed Cancelled

Sometimes, less is more.

20th Television

The world of TV is a cruel one, beholden to the almighty dollar. If a show isn’t cutting the mustard, then more often than not, no matter how adoring its small but faithful audience, no matter how much of a critical darling it is, it’ll be axed by a ruthless exec.

Sometimes that’s the end of that - it’ll live on as a cult classic if you’re lucky, or be forgotten altogether. Other times, the tides will turn, the planets will align, a Kickstarter will be kickstarted, and the sacrificial show shall rise again.

On occasion, this can be a good thing. Deadwood was off the air for 13 years before its feature length revival which wrapped up David Milch’s vision in the most perfect way imaginable. And love it or hate it, time has proved that Family Guy was pulled way before its time.

Then there are the shows that come back when they really shouldn’t. Too many years have passed, the magic isn’t the same, the ideas have run dry. It happens: the revival can sound like a great idea, but in practise, it might be anything but. These are the shows that should have stayed dead.

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