10 Ridiculous TV Premises Everybody Fell For

7. Preacher Is About The Doomed Inhabitants Of A Small Texas Town

Buffy Becoming Sword

The first season of AMC’s Preacher TV show received mixed reviews, and made some decidedly strange choices in its adaptation of Garth Ennis and the late, great Steve Dillon’s comic book.

You could argue that the notoriously profane and over-the-top Preacher would be impossible to adapt straight to the screen, that significant alterations would need to be made - and you’d be right - but that doesn’t explain the stuttering pacing, the decision to make ultra-cool protagonist Jesse Custer a gormless idiot… or the fact that the plot doesn’t actually start until the season finale.

Yes, showrunner Sam Catlin takes ten hours of television to do what Ennis and Dillion did in the first four issues of the comic. In fact, strictly speaking, most of the set up for the central narrative of Preacher was complete after issue one.

For those who don’t know - which is basically everyone who watched the first season of the show but hasn’t read the comic - Preacher is a lurid, violent and funny road trip where Custer et al are confronted by some of the weirdest grotesques that America has to offer as he sets out to find God and hold him accountable for all the crap in the world.

The first season of Preacher, however, is about the quirky inhabitants of a crappy little town in Texas that (it’s been officially confirmed) were all killed when Annville gets blown up in the season finale. So that was worth watching, then.

Can someone put together an edit of the thirty seconds of footage from season one it’d take to get people ready for season two? Then we can pretend this whole thing never happened.


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