10 Ridiculously Controversial Stand Up Comedians You Need To See

8. Richard Pryor

_1366213383 Sadly no longer with us but Richard Pryor€™s amazing pioneering work lives on though video and there are few things funnier in stand up that watching Pryor at his very best. Pryor has a huge influence on many current comics with his on stage style in which he would be a storyteller leading an audience on a long funny rambling tale. His sharp wit and hilarious jokes are one of main reasons he was such a big film star though the late 70€™s One of Pryor€™s biggest things was his ability to talk frankly about his real life, no comedian was ever as open and honest about his failing and shortcoming as Pryor was. Some of his jokes about his remarkable yet upsetting childhood are incredible to hear about and laugh to. It€™s a lot like Pryor was exorcizing his early childhood away in front of a live crowd using his own cruel experiences to bring joy to others which is an amazing gift. Pryor took on social issues being very up front in tackling the issue of race head on from his own experiences of the unsettling racism America was still suffering though in the 70€™s. His act also included an extreme amount of swearing that got a lot of shows he tried to work on early in his career to get cancelled as he didn€™t want to tone down the content of his act for TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di5j13t5xnE The famous story is of course that Pryor crazy swear filled on stage persona came from an on stage epiphany he had in Las Vegas Pryor€™s work is legendary and it€™s impossible to be a stand-up comedy fan and not have seen his work. If you haven€™t you should there is no reason not to watch the amazing charisma the man had on stage and the shout almost screaming laughter of his crowd. Some of his stuff has dated and a lot of it is racial charged so not suitable for everyone but you cannot deny Pryor€™s impact on stand up. His is the master and sending crowds into screams of laughter and his influence can never be overstated and his controversy speaks for itself.
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