10 Saddest Moments In BoJack Horseman

The BoJack moments that tugged our heartstrings the hardest...

BoJack Horseman Free Churro

BoJack Horseman came to an end recently, drawing to a close one of Netflix’s show harrowing original shows. Sure, it was about a cartoon horse, but underneath that it was about much, much more.

Addiction, alcoholism, adultery, asexuality, abortion, abuse and lots of other topics which don’t begin with A were all covered by BoJack. Along the way, there were some quite significant gut punches too, with the show not afraid to get dark. While BoJack frequently painted himself as the ultimate victim of his own story, he’s caused more than his fair share of pain too.

That said, this isn’t about the worst thing he’s done, or even the show’s darkest moments. It’s all about those really sad events of the six seasons which had us welling up. Almost sleeping with Penny was one of BoJack’s worst moments, for example, but it’s not particularly sad, so you won’t find it here.

There’s still more than enough sadness in the BoJack universe to go around though, so it was no issue filling it up. These are the moments to have tissues ready for on a rewatch.

10. Tell Me That I'm A Good Person

BoJack Horseman Free Churro

Speaking of a rewatch, you might need reminding that the first series was pretty bumpy. It took around six or seven episodes to find its feet, but once it did it never looked back.

The first real moment of depth in the show came in episode 11 of the first season, Downer Ending. Episode 11 quickly became BoJack’s big hitter, akin to early Game Of Thrones’ episode 9, and it’s not the only time an eleventh episode moment will feature here.

Downer Ending, as they first, certainly leaves room to grow, but is still pretty powerful in its own right. It comes after Diane has written her tell all on BoJack, re-establishing him as a major celebrity but opening him up to ridicule at the same time.

He lets himself be vulnerable for the first time, begging her to tell him he’s ‘a good person’. It’s a desperate request, a wounded BoJack in need of validation. Considering how far he falls, it’s not much in retrospect, but at the time it feels pretty close to his rock bottom.

The episode closes out with Diane’s silence in reply.


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