10 Scariest X-Files Episodes Of All Time

'Watching X-Files with no lights on'.

The X-Files reboot (or tenth season, if you will) has come and gone and the reception was decidedly mixed. Coming a whole fourteen years after the original series ended and almost eight years since the disappointing standalone film I Want to Believe, fan and critical response was varied.

To some, certain episodes or aspects of the production harked back to the show's mid-to-late 90's glory days. Particular praised was heaped on the episode 'Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster', a hilarious monster-of-the-week episode up there with the show's funniest ever. The continuation of the alien mythology storyline, on the other hand, was given a solid thumbs down from many.

One thing that was missing from those six episodes was a truly scary story. While the Trashman episode 'Home Again' was spooky, it was hardly the nail-biting stuff we've come to expect from the show. Indeed, some of the best ever X-Files episodes were also some of the scariest. Whether it was our favourite FBI agents tracking serial killers, encountering otherworldly monsters or trying to take down a satanic cult, Chris Carter and co. could be relied upon to get our heart rates going and possibly checking the closet for face-eating demons afterwards.

Here are the 10 scariest X-Files episodes of all-time.

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