10 Sci-Fi TV Shows That Wasted Great Characters

The writers owe these characters an apology!

Gotham Jerome

Sci-Fi TV is a universe filled from cover to cover with some of the most remarkable characters you'll ever find. Whether you're playing with massive concepts like space travel or smaller, more believable ideas though, a series is only as good as its cast.

You can love properties like Doctor Who or Sense8 for their wicked action or broad concepts, but it's the loveable people who inhabit those worlds that keep it fresh. Aliens are a dime a dozen, but The Doctor is something special. This is why shows need to nail their characters down with the force of a Hadron collider.

For the most part, big sci-fi shows tend to understand this balance, as they populate their projects with plenty of eye-catching personalities. Still, even the biggest masterpiece has its flaws.

The following ten characters are the ones that got away, the ones who seemed like they could have given their shows a healthy dose of flavour but were misused and misguided, resulting in disappointment. Sure, many of these shows are still great, but that doesn't save them from wasting these fantastic faces.


This list will contain spoilers, so be warned!

10. President Loki (Loki)

Gotham Jerome
Marvel Studios

Loki seems like a great jumping-off point, as while the show was popular and well-received, it still felt like a heaping pile of missed opportunities. Even at its best, it was missing an extra dose of that signature Marvel charm, which could be seen in the wasted characters. Names like He Who Remains and Judge Renslayer are up there, but one that really slipped through the cracks was President Loki.

This variant came along and instantly filled the screen with the classic Loki trickster vibe fans fell in love with. Hiddleston was once again milking every moment and chewing the scenery like a rabid goat on lettuce. He was fun, nostalgic and entertaining, and then he got his hand chomped off and never came back.

While the show was juggling a lot, it was a waste to avoid a full showdown between these Loki variants. Not only would it have been deliciously fun, but it would have been the perfect way to show how far the central Loki had come since he became embroiled with the TVA, literally fighting a version of his former self.

Fans deserved less awkward romance and more evil Loki fun!

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