10 Secret Subplots You Learn From Watching Community Deleted Scenes

Annie and Jeff went on a super-awkward date.


Though Community never scored the TV ratings that would reflect its brilliance, it has nevertheless endured over the years since its sixth season wrapped up as one of the smartest and most endearingly funny sitcoms of all time.

And like most TV sitcoms, Dan Harmon and co. ended up filming far more material than they could ever cram into any individual episode - especially with the strict 21-minute time limit that defined the NBC years.

Thankfully, Community's DVD releases have allowed countless fascinating deleted scenes to see the light of day, many of which clearly should've (somehow) made the final cut.

But beyond mere one-off gags, these 10 deleted scenes represent entire subplots in their own right, making considerable implications for the show's characters, or even hinting at wider story beats which evidently got the axe.

While fans can certainly debate the canon status of these scenes forever more, their preservation on home video at least ensures that fans can freely enjoy them, and consider all the incredible, hilarious, and even shocking storytelling left on the cutting room floor...

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