10 Seriously Messed Up Psychological Horror TV Shows

These horror shows will challenge even the toughest minds!

Tabula Rasa
Caviar Films

For some people, nothing is scarier than seeing a big maniac running around with an axe and lopping people's heads off. That is the basis of the slasher genre. For others, the thought of an alien invasion is enough to send chills down their spine. That's why it's the foundation of many sci-fi horror stories. However, while plenty of folks are petrified by the likes of Leatherface or Xenomorphs, others seek something far more cerebral.

The beauty of the horror genre is that you can find plenty of things that fit your spooky needs, and for many, nothing does it better than a good old phycological horror. These are the kind of projects that seep right into your brain and tease you with uncomfortable ideas. They focus less on physical threats and more on the terrifying things that happen when your sanity is under the microscope.

Throughout TV history, there has been a slew of groundbreaking psychological horror shows that have given audiences a rollercoaster ride into unsettling insanity. However, among these shows are a handful that truly pushed the envelope and delivered something best described as seriously messed up.

10. Channel Zero

Tabula Rasa

The internet is a truly terrifying place; you only need one visit to Twitter to see that for yourself. However, one element of internet horror that is somewhat beautiful is that of the creepypasta. While many of these online urban legends are enough to make you wet the bed, there is something to respect about these stories finding life on a unique platform. Channel Zero only goes and gives that platform a little boost.

This SyFy show is an anthology series that explores a different story each season. These stories are all adaptations of famous internet tales including, "Candle Cove", "No-End House", "Butcher's Block" and "The Dream Door". Each one is a haunting example of the intense creativity that the internet can breed.

Each season banks on specific fears to unsettle you, with the first season taking a look at nostalgia and childhood fears. This unique approach delves right under your skin as it is grounded in something incredibly relatable.

As with all anthology shows, each season boasts an entirely fresh experience, with scary storytelling and imagery facing you at every corner.


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