10 Shocking TV Finales That Changed Everything

Some stick the landing while some fall on their face, but all of them left us reeling...


Not to get too dark and heavy in the opening, but it’s an accepted maxim that all good things come to an end, and often times a banger ending can be the best thing about a series. Whether it’s a brief, self-contained miniseries like HBO’s Sharp Objects or a long-running and much-loved classic like M*A*S*H, a killer ending can see a show go down in television history.

Of course, the inverse is also true, and while many shows fall into gradual decline throughout their long run (looking at a certain yellow American family here), some simply fail to stick the landing. No matter how much goodwill a production has amassed over the years, it can all turn to ash and angry tweets when the last episode concludes on an ending that flops.

Whether perfect and suitably adored, or awful and reviled as a grand undoing of all the good which came before, here are ten television finales which left us reeling, unable to believe what we’d seen and forced to reconsider the entire preceding series in their wake.

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