10 Silliest Things On 24 (And The Lessons To Be Learned From Them)

After eight seasons, 24 limped to an unremarkable end on May 24, 2010. During its run, the series managed to hit some remarkable highs, which culminated in a Best Drama Emmy Award in 2006. However, after taking home the Emmy, the series often struggled to find its center or avoid repeating itself, and in the face of rising costs and declining ratings, it was finally cancelled. The series ended with Jack Bauer once again on the run, advised by President Taylor that it would be wise for him to leave the country. And that, it seemed, was the last we'd hear of 24. However, after four years off the air, 24 is coming back to television this May, in the form of a 12-episode limited run which has been subtitled "Live Another Day." Fans are understandably excited, but they would be wise to remember that in the midst of some incredible drama (who can forget George Mason sacrificing himself to take the nuclear bomb safely into the desert in season two?) 24 could often be one of the silliest shows on TV. In this post, I'm going to look back at ten of the silliest things on 24, and discuss what the writers of 24: Live Another Day should have learned from these past mistakes. Without further ado...
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