10 Silver Linings To Otherwise Terrible TV Shows

If the term brilliantly awful ever applied to any shows, it was these.

Whether you€™ve happened upon a long-dead series on Netflix or you€™re following up on a promising new pilot, investing in another TV series is always a bit of a gamble. Sometimes you€™ll have bet on a winner and sometimes you€™ll have picked one so unwatchable that you jump ship before episode two, but more often than not it€™s easy to lazily burn through four or five episodes before you realise that what you€™re watching is, put simply, not all that good. Fortunately for you and your dignity, we€™ve put together a list of fairly terrible TV shows which nonetheless have a redeeming quality with which you can justify your use of your time. Yes, in an ideal world all television would be possessed of a complex plot, stellar cast and sharp dialogue, but sometimes all you need are a few bright spots to make an episode worthwhile. Not everything can be Breaking Bad. So if you need a little reminder that there€™s a silver lining in every cloud, look no further than this article, as we comb through some terrible television which got it right, at least some of the time.

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