10 Smartest Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

Who is the smortest of them all?

Raymond Holt Brooklyn Nine Nine

Since its debut, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has grown to become one of its generation's most beloved comedy shows and it's not hard to see why. Even when it was cancelled by Fox in 2018, it wasn't long before fan backlash prompted NBC to pick the show up for a sixth season.

There are many reasons for its popularity, ranging from its humour to its unique setting in a police precinct. However, it is the characters that make the show as special as it is, and the wonderful cast that bring them to life.

Thanks to the nature of being based around police officers, every main character by default must be incredibly smart, even if sometimes they hide it well. It is still a comedy, so the reality of the Nine-Nine has to be diluted with goofy jokes and characters showing their immature sides, but there is always that underlying intelligence.

That is not to say that every character is equally as smart as the rest, as there is a clear gulf between some, and there are even some criminals who have shown that they would have had the intelligence for a life in the force if they had taken a different career path.

10. Hitchcock & Scully

Raymond Holt Brooklyn Nine Nine

Over the course of the series, Hitchcock and Scully have gained themselves a reputation as the lowest rung on the 99th precinct ladder. They are gross, lazy, and care more about their food than solving their cases.

They may not seem like the smartest detectives in Brooklyn - in fact most of the time they seem like the absolute dumbest - but in reality, Michael Hitchcock and Norm Scully were once the very best at what they do.

In the 1980's, the two were the kings of the NYPD, bringing down high profile drug rings, and even still looking after those that were potentially in danger over thirty years later.

They have proved that they still have the intelligence it takes to be great detectives after all these years, when they figured out Gina, Rosa, and Boyle had a secret bathroom, and expertly got to the bottom of what happened to Captain Holt's pie. In the very first episode of the show, Terry described them as useless, but it's not that they aren't smart, it's just that they are very, very lazy.


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