10 South Park Characters You Totally Forgot Existed

Come on down to South Park and (re)meet some friends of mine!

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In a series that has been going for almost 25 years, it was only inevitable that South Park's supporting group of characters would grow bigger and bigger. The four adventurous boys - Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny - as well as a handful of side characters, were the main basis of the ensemble to begin with.

But as the show progressed, minor background characters were suddenly becoming more essential to the narrative and as well as new faces being introduced to the little mountain town of South Park. Some characters stayed for the long run (PC Principal), others were phased out (Dr Mephesto) and some were just a one hit wonder, never to be seen or heard of again (Mr Derp).

But with such a large cast of characters, all of which range from important to minor, it's hard to keep track of all the South Park residents, particularly the ones who were more prominent in the earlier seasons. Let's take a trip down memory lane to remind you all of the South Park characters you've probably forgotten about by now (some of which you may have WANTED to forget).

10. Ms Ellen

South Park Pip Episode
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We've seen quite a few staff come and go within South Park elementary school, from the annoying Ms Choksondik to the underrated Principal Victoria. And in the very first season of South Park, we were given Ms Ellen, who lasted for all of one episode. As Mr Garrison decides to get a nose job, she is introduced as a substitute for his class, to which the boys are completely taken by her physical appearance.

Ms Ellen is notable for being the first ever elementary school teacher to die. But most of all, she highlights just how much Wendy changed over the years. In this episode, she is completely jealous of her new teacher, willing to change to her image just to grab the attention of Stan and his friends. Nowadays, Wendy would be more than happy with a female teacher as a role model for her school learning.

Ms Ellen herself seemed like one of the more level headed residents of South Park. But naturally, we'll never see her again because of Wendy's unusual behaviour to have hired some Iraqi men to kill her.

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